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Small red dots on the body. Many sufferers are affected by changes to the skin that happen over time. What are these changes? How can they be managed? Further information and how to remove Senile hemangiomas painlessly can be found here.

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What are Strawberry marks (Senile hemangiomas) and how do they appear?

A Senile hemangioma is an expansion and proliferation of existing blood vessels. They are an enlargement of certain types of vessels (capillaries) in the top layer of the skin (dermis), that expand and fill with blood. Senile hemangiomas usually occur in young adulthood, often from the age of 30, and then slowly increase in number and diameter over the course of life. Hereditary predisposition can make them more likely to appear. The angiomas often occur on the torso. Women and men are equally affected. Hemangiomas do not cause pain or itching and are completely harmless.

Some people get very few Hemangiomas, others can get more than 100. Hemangiomas are harmless and not a cancer. If the alterations to the skin are visually disturbing, they can be removed with little pain or scarring using various methods. 


Why do you get Strawberry Marks (Senile hemangiomas)?

Senile hemangiomas become visible when blood vessels join and grow in the process. The exact cause is not known; genetic and hereditary factors likely play a role. As part of the aging process, senile hemangiomas increase, hence the name.

Light-skinned people are more likely to have senile hemangiomas than people with darker skin types. Genetics play a big role. Once senile hemangiomas appear, they usually do not go away, but instead increase in diameter over time. Vascular growth often occurs during pregnancy under the influence of hormones. Occasionally, the hemangiomas can occur in large numbers; in some cases, they can recede somewhat after pregnancy, but they can also often persist post-partum. 

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Are Strawberry Marks (Senile hemangiomas) dangerous?

Even if the hemangiomas are bothersome for many people, they are actually harmless. However, an injury can lead to bleeding.

Very important: Red spots and nodules on the skin can have numerous causes. They are not always simple hemangiomas. Therefore, always have any alternations to the skin checked by a doctor!


Why are people bothered by Strawberry Marks (Senile hemangiomas)?

With their bright red (or occasionally violet) color, they create a contrast to lighter skin and can therefore be seen from a distance. Each hemangioma begins as a small point, but then becomes much larger as it progresses. Sometimes they get so big that they become bumpy and bulbous, like a raspberry, which is perceived as unsightly for many affected people. With larger hemangiomas, bleeding can occur if injured.


How can Strawberry Marks (Senile hemangiomas) be treated?

In principle, treatment is not necessary because they are benign skin alterations. If required from a cosmetic point of view, senile hemangiomas can be removed with medical treatment using various methods such as laser, cryotherapy, surgery, electrocautery or sclerotherapy. Exceptionally large nodules can be removed and sutured under local anesthetic with a scalpel, leaving a small scar.

Most senile hemangiomas can be removed with a laser with little pain or scarring. In our practice in Vienna we can do this using a modern vascular laser, the QuadroStarPROYELLOW. It is particularly recommended to do this treatment in the winter season when sun light is reduced.


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  • Excellent doctor, extremely attentive! One of the best medical experiences I had.
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