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What is the approach to aesthetic medicine in our practice?

A holistic approach is very important to us. Dr. Bisschoff has worked as a trainer for doctors and therapists in the field of aesthetic medicine in Germany and Switzerland for several years. Through this work, he knows how important it is to not only look at individual wrinkles. The first step is a detailed analysis of your skin type and any existing problems. Then a comprehensive program is discussed, which begins with skincare and extends to nutritional supplements and invasive methods.


My complexion is pale, I look tired, but I don't want to look fake in any way. Is there anything you can do about it?

Yes, of course! Many patients come to the office with this same dilemma. Depending on age and desires, there are now many options for aesthetic treatment, including combining several procedures such as chemical peeling and micro needling.


What procedures are available?

Depending on the key issues, we discuss every possible option with our patients. For a fresh, youthful look and for the treatment of melasma, we like to use chemical peels. Fraxel laser or micro needling is often used for scar treatment. Mesotherapy is ideal for introducing active substances into the skin. We also offer classic medical wrinkle treatment and volume augmentation for lips or cheeks for example.

The wide range of treatments we offer also includes a saliva analysis and a vital nutrient analysis. In this option, a full list of what is lacking in the body is detected, and then we will discuss how the possible deficiencies can be supplemented.

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Will I have to take time off work?

Depending on the procedure, some "down time" might be necessary. We do offer a "lunch time" option which is available for ​​micro needling and chemical peeling procedures. As a rule, you should not need to take time from work. Optimal care before and after treatment also stimulates healing.


How much does treatment cost?

You can find an overview of the cost of the treatments we offer under Services. However, these prices are indicative and can vary in individual cases.


Do you offer any treatments only available in your practice?

Yes. Through his work in the field of training, Dr. Bisschoff has often been one of the few doctors with priority access to new treatment methods. Our particular focus is on new combinations of aesthetic treatments in order to best meet individual requirements. In addition, we enjoy treating specific areas of the body, such as dark circles or bags under the eyes, and we have achieved excellent results in these areas. We also offer special solutions for Depigmentation.

You can find out which treatments are currently available under News.

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What do I have to consider after having an aesthetic treatment?

Depending on the treatment, the necessary aftercare is discussed. It is important to avoid the sun after peels, micro needlings and wrinkle treatment, so the ideal time for this type of treatment is in autumn or winter.

Likewise, it is advised to avoid places where concentrations of germs can be easily found (swimming pools, saunas, fitness studios) immediately after the treatment.

We will discuss the correct conduct in detail regarding care afterwards depending on the agreed course of treatment.

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  • Thank you Dr Bisschoff. The medicine you prescribed worked like a bom! I appreciate the time you took to descibe my illness in simple terms and the lifestyle changes I need to make to manage my condition. Many thanks! 
    Yelp: Christiaan B.
  • I traveled from London to see Dr. Johannes Bisschof for wrinkle treatment. I was extremely impressed with my wrinkle treatments. He has a very 'natural look' approach and after everyone asked me why I look younger and more relaxed I will definitely have it done again. I have also asked him advice on my skin texture and he suggested 2 creams and my skin has never looked this good. I feel 10 years younger. I can highly recommend him! 
    Yelp: Liezel M.
  • Dr Bisschoff used a laser to treat my skin scars. I was happy with the package that he offered. He is knowledgeable, friendly and I loved the end result.
    Google: Cecile du Toit
  • Dr. Bisschoff was absolutely wonderful and a great help. He took time to make sure I was comfortable, spoke incredible English, and explained everything in a careful and detailed manner. Thanks to his help, my skin condition was solved! I would recommend him to anyone.
  • Best dermatologist in Vienna. Really cares about his patient. He is a very good listener. He spent as much time as its needed and he doesn't rush patient. His aim is actually to help people not only earn money (like some of doctors tend to do). On the top of all of that he is really positive person and he explains everything in the proper manner.



  • Excellent doctor, extremely attentive! One of the best medical experiences I had.
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