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HAndrückenPigment and age spots

Aesthetically disturbing but medically harmless pigment spots or age spots are mainly caused by the sun in the course of life. But factors such as stress, smoking and the general skin aging process also promote the formation of spots.

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What are pigment and age spots and how do they develop?

Pigment and age spots are discolorations of the skin that are light brown to black in color. They occur more frequently with increasing age, which is why they are also associated with advancing age. Therefore, these pigment spots are often referred to as age spots.

The causes are sun exposure over many years and skin aging in general. Already from the age of 30, more often from the age of 40, the first age spots can appear. Unlike birthmarks, pigment and age spots remain flat. Unlike freckles, they do not appear in childhood and are usually more severe than freckles.

Pigment and age spots occur when melanin, which is responsible for skin pigmentation, is released in high concentrations. Unwanted pigment spots are found in almost everyone and are in no way uncommon.


Where on the body can pigment and age spots appear?

Age spots most commonly appear on sun-exposed areas of the body. The face and backs of the hands are particularly affected, but pigment and age spots are also common on the forearms, legs and décolleté.

Are pigment and age spots dangerous?

Pigment and age spots are a natural sign of aging and are not dangerous. However, supposedly harmless spots are often mistaken for dangerous birthmarks. Therefore, we regularly recommend skin cancer screening in our practice, which we carry out with a full-body scanner to document your entire skin surface.

It is important to know that pigment and age spots do not go away on their own without treatment. Unfortunately, if you find the spots on your body annoying, you cannot hope for them to go away on their own.
Although pigment and age spots are not dangerous, they are often perceived as unpleasant for cosmetic or aesthetic reasons. There are great methods to remove the unloved stains.

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How does the laser treatment work?

The pigment and age spots can be treated by laser light without affecting the surrounding tissue. In particular, the PICO laser available in our practice at Vienna Central Station allows gentle, painless and largely erosion-free treatment.

The laser beam penetrates the skin, hitting the pigment directly and destroying it. The immune system then removes the pigment fragments and new non-pigmented skin cells are formed. One or more laser treatments may be necessary depending on the intensity of the pigment and age spots and whether you want them to be lightened or completely removed.


What other treatment options are there?

The topic of hyperpigmentation of the skin in many forms is generally a very large and widespread one. Accordingly, a wide range of treatment options are available.
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In these articles we explain that besides laser treatment, which is best for pigmentation and age spots, there are other treatment options for issues associated with hyperpigmentation.
In our practice at Vienna Central Station we are six dermatologists and experienced laser therapists. Let us advise you on which treatment option is best suited to your specific requirements.

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