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What can mesotherapy achieve?

Used in the case of fine wrinkles, pigment disorders, acne, loss of elasticity and enlarged pores; but also for stretch marks and cellulite, mesotherapy can improve the complexion. In the case of hair loss, regular use can also produce a noticeable slowdown and thus counteract the onset of baldness.


Where does the name "mesotherapy" come from?

Meso comes from the Greek and means "middle". Mesotherapy is based on the assumption that healing begins from the middle of the tissue layers.


How does the treatment work?

The first step is a consultation and examination of the skin areas to be treated. Then a mixture of active ingredients is selected to match the skin type. The active ingredient mixture of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, or hyaluronic acid is then introduced into the skin with fine cannulas. The microinjections locally improve the blood circulation, stimulate cell renewal, and ensure the cocktail of active ingredients is directed exactly to where it needs to act. Depending on the application, visible and natural-looking results can be achieved after just a few treatments.

Following the treatment, a light massage of the treated areas ensures the optimal distribution of the injected active ingredient mixture. In the final step, a special cream is applied to protect the relevant skin areas. Mesotherapy usually takes about 30 minutes to complete.


What are the effects of mesotherapy on hair loss?

Mesotherapy not only prevents hair loss but can also ensure hair regrowth on thinning or already bald areas. Hair growth is stimulated through the optimal treatment of the hair roots. Case studies show that in about 80% of cases hair loss decreases after the third treatment, healthier and fuller hair grows back after two to three months and even with less pronounced forms of autoimmune hair loss (alopecia areata) can be treated. (Source:

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How often is treatment carried out?

The treatment is carried out at intervals of 4-6 weeks. Usually, 4-6 treatments are required to achieve lasting results. A booster treatment can be carried out every 3 months.


Who performs the treatment?

The treatment is carried out by the experienced dermatologists in our practice in Vienna.


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Is there any need to take time off after this treatment?

Mesotherapy is a tried and tested method that is risk-free, has few side effects and hardly causes any downtime. The penetration depth of the needle is so superficial that no significant hematomas develop (the blood supply in this skin layer is through tiny capillaries, larger vessels are located much deeper in the tissue). Reddening can limit the ability to socialize for about 1-2 days after the treatment.


What should be considered after the treatment?

Exercise and sauna should be avoided on the day of the treatment itself. In the first three days after the mesotherapy, it is recommended to use only mild cleaning agents and light, fragrance-free care products that do not contain alcohol or acids. It is also important that you consistently use the highest possible sun protection in the following weeks.

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  • Thank you Dr Bisschoff. The medicine you prescribed worked like a bom! I appreciate the time you took to descibe my illness in simple terms and the lifestyle changes I need to make to manage my condition. Many thanks! 
    Yelp: Christiaan B.
  • I traveled from London to see Dr. Johannes Bisschof for wrinkle treatment. I was extremely impressed with my wrinkle treatments. He has a very 'natural look' approach and after everyone asked me why I look younger and more relaxed I will definitely have it done again. I have also asked him advice on my skin texture and he suggested 2 creams and my skin has never looked this good. I feel 10 years younger. I can highly recommend him! 
    Yelp: Liezel M.
  • Dr Bisschoff used a laser to treat my skin scars. I was happy with the package that he offered. He is knowledgeable, friendly and I loved the end result.
    Google: Cecile du Toit
  • Dr. Bisschoff was absolutely wonderful and a great help. He took time to make sure I was comfortable, spoke incredible English, and explained everything in a careful and detailed manner. Thanks to his help, my skin condition was solved! I would recommend him to anyone.
  • Best dermatologist in Vienna. Really cares about his patient. He is a very good listener. He spent as much time as its needed and he doesn't rush patient. His aim is actually to help people not only earn money (like some of doctors tend to do). On the top of all of that he is really positive person and he explains everything in the proper manner.



  • Excellent doctor, extremely attentive! One of the best medical experiences I had.
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