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To ensure that patients get the attention and treatment that they deserve an appointment is required. Only patients with appointments will get a consultation. A Wahlarzt is a registered doctor without a medical aid contract. After the appointment you will receive a bill, which you can pay in cash or by cash machine / credit card. After payment you submit the bill to your health insurance and receive a part of the amount as a refund.

We always have time slots available for acute patients and special treatments. If you do not find a suitable free appointment in our online booking system, please contact us by phone - even at short notice. It is important to us to be at your disposal.

     Book your next appointment by clicking on the drop-down menu:  


Also possible by phone or email:  

Phone +43 1 8905040 


Medizin am Hauptbahnhof
1100 WIEN



General opening times

     AM          PM      
Monday:    08h30-12h00    12h00-19h00   
Tuesday:   08h00-12h00   12h00-15h00  
Wednessday:   09h00-12h00   12h00-19h00  
Thursday:   08h00-12h00   12h00-19h00  
Friday:     08h00-12h00   12h00-15h00  



Dr. Bisschoff Currently on parental leave

     AM          PM    
Tuesday:   08h00-12h00   12-15h00
Thursday:       14-19h00
Friday:     08h00-12h00   12-15h00




Dr. Maggoschitz

      AM       PM 
Monday:   08h30-12h00   12h00-15h45
Tuesday:   08h30-12h00   12h00-15h00
Thursday:   08h30-12h00   12h00-14h30



Dr. Pesendorfer

      AM         PM   
Monday:   08h30-12h30    
Wednessday:       15h00-19h00



Prof. Rzany

      AM         PM   
Wednesday:   09-12h00   13h00-19h00
Thursday:   08-12h00   13h00-19h00
Friday:   08-12h00   13h00 -12h00



Dr. Spiegelfeld

     AM        PM   
Monday:   08h30-12h00   12h00-14h00
Tuesday:   08h00-12h00   12h00-15h00 
Wednessday       12h30-19h00
Thursday:   08h00-12h00   12h00-14h00
Friday:   08h00-12h00   13h00-15h00



Dr. Peinhaupt

     AM        PM   
Monday       13h30-20h00
Thursday:   08h00-12h00   13h00-15h00
Friday:   08h00-12h00   13h00-15h00




Dr. Bounas-Pyrros

     AM        PM   
Monday:       15h00-19h00 
Wednessday:       15h00-19h00



Dr. Bodner

     AM        PM   
Thursday:   09h30-13h00   15h00-19h00



Dr. Ferenci

     AM        PM   
Wednessday:   09h00-13h00    
Thursday:       15h00-19h00



Dr. Geisler

     AM        PM    
Monday:   10h00-13h00   14h00-18h30


General enquiries: 



Please do not use this contact form for appointment requests. If you want to make a new appointment, please use the link or email above.

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