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Dr. Iryna Maggoschitz

Dr. Iryna Maggoschitz, Dermatologist and Allergologist


Very soon I became enthusiastic about dermatology and thus the subject of skin diseases. Nevertheless, I completed my specialist training as a neurologist before giving in to my passion for dermatology and starting specialist training in renowned clinics and practices in Germany.


My dermatological stations include a large lasers clinic on Lake Constance, a dermatological practice in Munich and the largest skin clinic in Germany in Hersbruck near Nuremberg. After my dermatological specialist examination in 2014, several stations followed in dermatological practices, where I was able to gain broad and comprehensive dermatological knowledge.


In 2021 I returned to my family in Austria and started in the Derma-Team at Medizin am Hauptbahnhof in Vienna. I cover the entire spectrum of classical dermatology, but also many facets of dermatological aesthetic medicine and I have a lot of experience in working with lasers. I also have a focus on allegies.

I decided to become part of the Derma-Team from Medizin am Hauptbahnhof, because I place great value on the latest diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and skin cancer prevention is particularly important to me. At Medizin am Hauptbahnhof I have a large selection of lasers available for you, as well as the option of photo documentation of your entire skin surface. I am very experienced in treating with biologics for psoriasis thanks to my work in a leading psoriasis hospital in Germany.


I am proud that in 2018 I won a prize as a dermatoscopist (dermatoscopy is a specialty in the diagnosis of benign and malignant tumors and various skin diseases under a hand microscope) in an international competition. My extensive knowledge combined with the possibility of full-body cartography and video dermatoscopy, including comparison with artificial intelligence in our practice, ensures a very high standard of skin cancer prevention.

I have also completed additional training in allergology and am available to answer any questions you may have in the area of ​​allergies and intolerance reactions.


I look forward to welcoming you in my practice.

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2022   Qualification as Allergologist
2014   Fellowship Dermatology, Stuttgart, Germany
2012   German Medical licence
2004   Medical degree and title (Dr. med. univ.) from the medical university of Graz
1999   Medical Training at the medical University, Kiew (Ukraine)

Career and training:

Since 2021   Medizin am Hauptbahnhof, Wien
2014 - 2021   Dermatology Practice Dr. von Kobyletzki/ Dr. Bajbouj, Neuremberg and Dres. Suchow, Bayreuth (Germany)
2012 - 2014   Attending Dermatoligist in Psorisol Clinic for Dermatology, Allergology and Dermato-surgery, Hersbrück (Germany)
2011 - 2012   Fellowship in  Dermatoligist in Psorisol Clinic for Dermatology, Allergology and Dermato-surgery, Hersbrück (Germany)
2009 - 2011   Fellowship in Dermatology Practice Dr. A. Georgii/Frey, Munich (Germany)
2008 - 2009   Fellowship in Dermatology, Laserklinik Bodensee, Dr. Braun, Überlingen (Germany)
2006 - 2008   Guest doctor and later Fellowship in Dermatology Dr. Keschawarz, Vienna 
2003 - 2008   Doctor in clinical research, Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH and freelance, Vienna


Courses and awards 

Courses   10/2023 19. Tegernsee Konferenz Update-Dermatologie
    04/2023 52. DDG (Deutsche Dermatologische Gesellschaft), Berlin
    10/2022 18. Tegernsee Konferenz Update-Dermatologie
    07/2022 28. Fortbildungswoche Dermatologie, München
    06/2022 ELECTUS Expertenkurs Entzündungsdermatologie
    09/2021 Consilium Dermatologie (Webinar)
     04/2021 Allergo Forum Interaktive Fortbildung (Webinar)
    02/2021 Best of Derma Update 2020 (Webinar)
    12/2020 Pädiatrische Psoriasis (Webkonferenz)
    11/2020 AAD Update Ästhetische Dermatologie und Haarerkrankungen
    07/2019 Dermatoskopie in Sonderlokalisationen, Heidelberg
    05/2019 Laser in der Dermatologie, Köln (Webinar)
    10/2019 AAD Kongress Update 2019, Darmstadt
    04/2018 Dermatologie AAD Kongress Update
    04/2018 Campus Immunology Nürnberg
    12/2017 32. Erlanger Mini-Symposium „Allergologie“
    11/2016 Acne inversa-Versorgung in der Praxis
    04/2016 Nahrungsmittelallergie-die neue Leitlinie
    07/2015 Allergoforum, Nürnberg
    05/2015 ImmunoOnkologie, Nürnberg
    04/2015 Derma- Depesche, Stuttgart
    04/2015 Symposium Rheuma und Haut, Erlangen
    02/2015 Pädiatrische Dermatologie, München
    11/2014 Derma-Update 2014, Wiesbaden
    10/2014 Pädiatrische Dermatologie, Stuttgart
    09/2014 6. Herbstsymposium der Hautklinik, Nürnberg
    01/2014 Interaktiver Trainingskurs Dermatoskopie, Tübingen
    11/2013 Derma-Update 2013, Wiesbaden
    03/2013 Dermatologische Praxis 2013, Frankenthal
    12/2012 Botulinumtoxin und Hyaliuronsäure, Nürnberg
    10/2012 Dermatohistologie, Labor Dr. Krahl, Heidelberg
    11/2012 10. Qualitätszirkel des Hauttumorzentrums, Nürnberg
    09/2012 4. Herbstsymposium der Hautklinik, Nürnberg
    07/2012 23. Fortbildungswoche für praktische Dermatologie und Venerologie, München
    05/2012 44. Kolloquium der Würzburger Dermatologischen Gesellschaft „Dermatologie im Duett“- Klinik und Histologie.
    03/2012 3. Interdisziplinäres Allergiesymposium, Nürnberg
    03/2011 Dermatohistologie Kurs, Dresden
    03/2011 46. Tagung der Deutschen Dermatologischen Gesellschaft, Dresden
    09/2010 9. Jahrestagung der Berlinger Dermatologen, Berlin
    07/2010 22. Fortbildungswoche für praktische Dermatologie, München
Member of   International Dermascopy Society
    Working Group on Aesthetic Dermatology and Cosmetology
Publication   Dermal Interleukin-1 Expression and Effective and Long-lasting Therapy with Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Anakinra in Schnitzler Syndrom”, Acta Dermato-Venereologica. ISSN 0001-5555, Oktober 2011)
Awards   Winner of an international dermatoskopy challenge 2018 with 500 participants world-wide. Beat the computer algorithm "Human against machine" led by Harald Kittler, Medical University of Vienna, Derma-Challenge
Languages   German, English, Ukrainian, Russian



review review
  • Thank you Dr Bisschoff. The medicine you prescribed worked like a bom! I appreciate the time you took to descibe my illness in simple terms and the lifestyle changes I need to make to manage my condition. Many thanks! 
    Yelp: Christiaan B.
  • I traveled from London to see Dr. Johannes Bisschof for wrinkle treatment. I was extremely impressed with my wrinkle treatments. He has a very 'natural look' approach and after everyone asked me why I look younger and more relaxed I will definitely have it done again. I have also asked him advice on my skin texture and he suggested 2 creams and my skin has never looked this good. I feel 10 years younger. I can highly recommend him! 
    Yelp: Liezel M.
  • Dr Bisschoff used a laser to treat my skin scars. I was happy with the package that he offered. He is knowledgeable, friendly and I loved the end result.
    Google: Cecile du Toit
  • Dr. Bisschoff was absolutely wonderful and a great help. He took time to make sure I was comfortable, spoke incredible English, and explained everything in a careful and detailed manner. Thanks to his help, my skin condition was solved! I would recommend him to anyone.
  • Best dermatologist in Vienna. Really cares about his patient. He is a very good listener. He spent as much time as its needed and he doesn't rush patient. His aim is actually to help people not only earn money (like some of doctors tend to do). On the top of all of that he is really positive person and he explains everything in the proper manner.



  • Excellent doctor, extremely attentive! One of the best medical experiences I had.
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